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How it all started:

One day in the late 90'ies I received a mail from an unknown person, Kevin Berg in the States. He humbly presented himself and wrote that he beleived himself to be a relative of mine, through my great-grandfather Georg Wilhelm Berg. He got the information from a genealog in Stockholm, Rustan Gandvik. This started an exchange of information still going on today. Kevin put up his site BergQuest, well worth a visit. We have ever since e-mailed eachother numerous of times. In the year 2010 Kevin raised the idea of a FaceBook group amied at collecting more members of our family. It was a success, and we have now contact with many relatives.

The genealogy page:

I was immediately intrigued by this, and as the computer programmer I am, I started to create a genealogy program for the web that I put up om my private site, masterberg.se. I have now adapted that to fit into familyberg.net, and all members are welcome to browse our genealogical tree. Not just back to our ancestor in common, Georg Wilhelm Berg, the central person for our common interest, but all the way back to his forefather by the time of Gustav Wasa, when our common ancestor Sven Berg lived in the mid 1600 century, as a farmer in the village of Berg (Bergs by). And yes, that's where we got our name, Berg.

Rustan's CD:

Rustan Gandvik has done a fantastic job collecting data, documents and pictures. He freely distributed this material on a CD, to anyone who was interested. I have also made an adapted version for this site and you can find it here.

Why do we need to have memberships?

This site is for us relatives of Georg Wilhelm Berg to get in contact and 'mingle' on the net. The FaceBook group 'Berg - Family Berg of Askersund' was meant to collect relatives, but has proven not adequate as a social forum as it is today. We therefore need our site where we can 'mingle' on our own terms. However, we do not want to share information in a way that contradicts the law (we have the Swedish PUL) or otherwise could be sensitive to show to the public. That's the reason we must be registered users in order to see everything. Some information, quite a lot actually, can be seen by logging in as 'Guest'. You can easy obtain an account of you own by sending a message to admin@familyberg.net .

Are we really allowd to show all this?

We have the right to publicly show everything that is shown when logged in as 'Guest'. Those that requests a login will be asked to approve that her/his information, and other information on close relatives, is shown to other members. Each person that applies for membeship is also asked to supply her/his relationship with Georg Wilhelm Berg.

What says the law?

There is a lot to read about PUL (PersonUppgiftsLagen, the law about personal information), and I cannot write down all of that here. However, if you can read Swedish (or know how to use Google tranlsate) you can read all about it on 'Datainspektionens' page on PUL or download an english version in pdf format here.

When you read about PUL you may keep in mind that most of the content in familyberg.net is 'unstructured information' while the genealogical tree actually is regarded as 'structured information' even though the search possibilities are far from the abilities the law is menat to protect us citicens from.

What if I do not approve of something I find on familyberg.net?

You send a mail to admin@familyberg.net and describe what you found that you think is not proper, and I'm sure we can agree on how to remedy it. This site is for us in order to 'meet' and exchange information, not to insult or otherwise harm eachother.

Who owns familyberg.net?

This is no my site. I have, however, registered and programmed it, and pays for it, but the site belongs to all us relatives of Georg Wilhelm Berg. It is the information we share here that is the value. It is all of us that should descide on what to show here, not only me.

Language support:

There is some language support inplemented on familyberg.net. The genealogy tree was originally written with language support for English and Swedish. This utilizes the language settings of you browser. If you set your browser to use Swedish as a preferred language, Swedish it is. Else it is English. The main page is done the same way. The forum, however, is written to support both Swedish and English languages, but I cannot translate whatever information you share as a member. If you are able to, please try to write all in both English and Swedish, like we often have done in the FaceBook group. Same goes for the genealogical tree, as well as for Rustan's CD.

Help developing the site:

As I said, I have merged Rustan's CD with my genealogical page, and a formum. It is not easy to match it all, and there are probably programming errors as well as mis-matching colors and other format and such. Just tell me when you find somethin that is wrong, and I'll try to fix it.

But that's not all. You decide together with us all members on what this site should contain. The current content is just a suggestion of mine, Kevin's and Rustan's. If you should come up with any ideas, just send a mail to admin@familyberg.net .

This also applies to any genealogical data, documents and/or pictures you would like to share with your family.

And who am 'I'?

I'm Håkan Berg, great grandson of Georg Wilhelm Berg.