Wilhelm Berg & the painters

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Anders Zorn odat

Anna Gardell-Ericson #1

Anna Gardell-Ericson #2

Bruno Liljefors odat

Bruno Liljefors

Carl Larsson 1881-07-16 s1

Carl Larsson 1881-07-16 s2-3

Carl Larsson 1885-01-18 s1

Carl Larsson 1885-01-18 s2-3

Carl Larsson 1889-10-29

Carl Larsson odat

Carl Wilhelmsson #1

Carl Wilhelmsson #2

Carl Wilhelmsson #3

Ernst Josephson 1881-05-11

Johan Ericson #1

Johan Ericson #2

Johan Ericson #3

Nils Kreuger 1894-04-10

Per Ekstr�m

ur brev fr�n Carl Larsson

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